Lush photographs, family snapshots and sidebars . . . create a solid foundation for Temple's uplifting memoir. Beginning with her humble childhood in 1940s and '50s Germany, she recounts the hardships of her youth while highlighting memories of her close-knit family. (Scattered within the part about her early years are maps, time lines and recipes for some of her favorite treats.) After accepting a marriage proposal from an American pilot, Temple immigrated to the U.S. While raising her two daughters, she began Market Day. Originally designed as a small business to raise money for her church's missions while providing her neighbors with fresh food from Chicago's wholesale markets, it grew quickly into a food cooperative used as a fund-raising tool for education, operating in more than 19 states. Through the joy of seeing her children succeed, and the pain of losing her husband of 34 years, Temple developed a simple philosophy - sweetly illustrated here - of reducing waste and increasing her quality of life at home and in the community. 140 color photos.

A starred review from Publishers Weekly, the international news magazine of book publishing and bookselling



“Trudi's Garden is a delight to the eye, a privileged stroll through a magical place. An adventure for the mind, following Trudi from childhood in Hitler's Germany to a life dedicated to meeting needs around the world. And above all, a journey with the heart, in the company of a woman for whom every hardship is simply a new opportunity to love.”

Elizabeth Sherrill
Author, "All the Way to Heaven"

“What a movie this story would make! I have known Trudi Temple for years, dating back to my interviewing her for a Victory Garden program on PBS. Back then, I was impressed by her ingenuity and skill as a gardener and am even more impressed after reading her life story.
Enjoy it! I did!”

Jim Wilson
Former host of “The Victory Garden,” PBS

“An interesting and inspiring story filled with beautiful photographs and helpful garden tips, not to mention appealing recipes. This book will make you want to visit Trudi, and her garden, in person.” 

Erica Glasener
Host of “A Gardener’s Diary” HGTV

“This is a fascinating read!! In preparing to work in my garden recently, I picked this up for a quick glance—I never made into the garden that day—I read this cover to cover instead.”

Galen D. Gates
Director, Plant Collections, Chicago Botanic Garden

“Knowing Trudi, I had initially anticipated a book on gardening. What a pleasant surprise to find so much more within its cover. Practical life lessons; wisdom learned from years of hard work; and inspirational anecdotes that keep the pages turning and make one anxious to become friends with Trudi and emulate the example of her life. The authors have captured her indomitable spirit and engaging personality that truly shows that just one person can make quite a difference in the world”

Mrs. Jean Hastert

“The book and the pictures are as exuberant as Trudi’s garden! If you want to be inspired, read on.

Pam Duthie
Author of "Continuous Bloom" and "Continuous Color"

“An astonishing accomplishment. Seldom have I seen such beautiful photographs with such a compelling story.”

David Middleton
Nature Photographer and Writer



Copyright © by Laurie Bohlke and Trudi Temple | Photography copyright © by Gail Perkins